Traveling in my Kitchen #8: China

I traveled to Beijing, China in 2011. It was one of those planned but not really kind of trip.  I thought Beijing was methodical, insanely organized, and deliberate.  As an introvert who likes to have things black and white a majority of the time, Beijing felt like everything was calculated and I was just fine with that.  

In Beijing, I rode the subway, went to Xi’An (took a plane then bus) to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, visited the Olympic Village, hiked The Great Wall (guided tour), and ate lots of great food. I loved the freshly baked breads and the warm sweet tofu treat. In Beijing, I tried my first duck dish and was brave enough to eat it. In fact, I enjoyed the dish very much that I tried fried duck again just this past Thanksgiving as part of our family feast.

As a fledgling cook, I have never truly been successful with baking bread. It’s either the dough, the kneading, the yeast, or all of the above. I love bread so much that if taken away I’d probably have a heart ache that will follow me for weeks, if not, months.  So, during this stay at home order, I have been experimenting and trying new recipes just like every other person in this world.  I’ve liked eating steamed buns growing up although it wasn’t a true favorite; so, when I saw this recipe for bao buns paired with Korean fried chicken –I thought, why not?

So, here are the bao buns with Banh Mi meatballs. They were easy to make (though again I was anxious about the dough part) and delicious.

I’d love to return for another visit to China someday. I’m intrigued by Shanghai, the country parts of China, and of course, the food.

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Fusion Monday: Bao Banh Mi Meatballs. Here is a labor of something. If you didn’t know, I struggle with baking bread (e.g., Filipino pandesal, Spanish bread are a few examples) but successful with banana bread and cookies/brownies. As I was waiting for these bao’s to proof, I told myself this is it: if they don’t come out right then I’ll stop making bread. But these came out just right. But I do still need to work on the dough. I paired these bao buns with banh mi meatballs. The meatballs are semi homemade (store bought Italian meatballs) but the sauce is from scratch. The sauce is thick and coated the meatballs with gooey flavor- more like teriyaki to me than banh mi flavor, really. But still, very good. Next time, I will make my own meatballs to avoid the “Italian” taste. And, I do love the tangy, crunchy taste and texture of the pickled red onions. Again, didn’t think I’d like them but made them anyway. You must try them! Recipe for Bao’s: Recipe for banh mi meatballs: Recipe for pickled red onions: #spoonfulofcrumbs #baobuns #bao #banhmimeatballs #homemade #homecooking #homecookingrocks #foodporn #foodinstagram #pickledredonions #mondaydinner #alldayfoodprep #laborofsomething #ilovetocook #cookathomesave #chinesebao #vietnamesefood

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