Traveling in my Kitchen: #7 South Korea

Bucket List: Seoul, South Korea

If you’ve read my previous blogs, I have planned on visiting Seoul (oh, the tears!) this Summer. If COVID-19 didn’t knock on the world’s door, I would have been there end of June through the end of the first week of July. I had planned on staying in Gangnam, getting a Seoul Pass, seeing palaces, towers, temples, experiencing the nightlife, browsing through shops on Insadong Street, visiting the local market – Namdaemum Market.  My days were planned and places marked like I have always done when I visit a new place but with room for flexibility.  I even thought of visiting DMZ, if they were still allowing tours (though at the time of my research – January to February – I was reading some complicated news about it being open to tourists.

I was pumped, excited, and my energy was ready to try new foods, street foods, new experiences.  My excitement continued on until mid March though it waned pretty fast by end of March. After seeing news about COVID-19 and how it infiltrated South Korea I knew my chances were getting slimmer and slimmer. It was a sad feeling and one that I know couldn’t be alleviated by anything within my control.

The trend of this dalgona coffee didn’t enter my research when I was planning my itinerary. I’m sure it had been prominent in South Korea but became even more popular when the quarantine orders started to come. It is dubbed as the “quarantine drink” by Wikipedia.  But, first let me tell you the taste of this coffee: it is bitter (but not too bitter) initially and gradually becoming sweet as you continue to stir the top with the bottom. When I made this at home, I was not impressed by the taste at first but continued to take little sips and began to appreciate the layer of flavors.  Here’s a better description of it from Wikipedia “ Dalgona coffee (Korean달고나커피) is a beverage made by whipping equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy and then adding it to cold or hot milk.” I’ve tried this coffee hot and cold (I used soy milk) and prefer the cold version.

Have you tried dalgona coffee yet? 

Someday, Seoul I will get to see you and embrace your beauty.

#seoul #someday

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