Summer Traveling in my Kitchen: #3 The Philippines

The Philippines. It is a beautiful place made up of 7,641 island according to Wikipedia. It is divided into geographical areas mainly known as Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I have traveled to certain places in the Philippines, and each time I go I inhale beauty, madness, and gratefulness.

The beauty of the people, food, and nature is intoxicating and invigorating. As with any of my adventures, I like to be where the people are. I find moments of humbleness and gratefulness while riding the jeepney – one of the country’s local public transportation or by simply walking the streets admiring the vendors and their wares. If you’re like me, public transportation is the way to go. But, be warned. Driving and traffic in the Philippines is like no other. The madness of the traffic and driving patterns can both me nauseating and exciting. I find it to be a rare moment of solitude as I pray for safety while surrendering my fate to the driver.

This is the Philippines. Wild. Crazy. Down To Earth. Unpretentious.

The food in the Philippines is delicious, bold with flavors, and full of love. It seemed to be always made of love when I’m invited to someone’s house or eating at a well established restaurant. I think Filipinos speak through their food and they’re proud if it! So while my resources to make Filipino food are limited most of the time, I make do with simple recipes that I enjoy like adobo, Pancit, and egg rolls. I’ve even tried making Filipino spaghetti and that turned out to be awesome, too. Have you tried it before? Sweet and delicious. Just like this dessert I’m about to introduce.

My attempt at this delicious and refreshing dessert called Mango Float brought me back to a time when I first tasted this “icebox” cake. It is so simple with only 4 ingredients: cream, graham crackers, mango, and condensed milk. While I have no mangoes that are guaranteed sweet, I was glad to open a can of fruit cocktail and substitute it for mangoes. OK. It’s really not my ideal substitute because I LOVE mangoes. But, it did the trick.

Here’s a fun link to all the fun we could be having in the Philippines if it weren’t for COVID-19. Ahhh, there I go again reminding myself that COVID did this!

It’s really more fun in the Philippines!

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