Summer Traveling in my Kitchen: #2- Malaysia and Thailand

This dessert, called Jackfruit Sago (a.k.a., Pengat Nangka Bersago – in Malay), has its origins in Thailand and the Malay Archipelago. Nangka, or jackfruit, is a familiar fruit for me. I remember feeling the very sticky adhesive-like feature of the fruit and unable to get it off my hands even after several washings.

Jackfruit is a fruit I’ve eaten by itself, yes, right from a whole fruit or chilled in the fridge for a few hours. It is included in desserts such as the Filipino fruit salad or ginataan. Both are wholesome and delicious.

I’ve visited both Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Thailand (Bangkok) years ago and have enjoyed the bustling metropolitan life.  I enjoyed the diversity both cities provided and the people were pleasant.  I thought Kuala Lumpur has a younger population than Thailand, but this informal survey was just from less than a week of stay at each place. Regardless, I would love to visit the beaches of Thailand when I return and see the country side of Malaysia.  

Join me next time as we do another Summer Traveling in my Kitchen post. In the meantime, do follow me on Instagram where I regularly post foods produced from my kitchen.

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Grab your bags! Let’s go to Malaysia 🇲🇾 and Thailand 🇹🇭. Jackfruit Sago Dessert, a.k.a. Pengat Nangka Bersago (in Malay) has its origin in Thailand and the Malay Archipelago where the fruit is easily available. This dessert was so easy to make. I bought canned jackfruit and omitted the pandan – I just know it’s not around here where I live. The author suggest eating it warm or with crushed ice. I like it warm because of the sweetness and cold because it’s refreshing. Undecided! Recipe here: #spoonfulofcrumbs #travelinginmykitchen #travelandfood #homecooking #malaysiandessert #thaidessert #sago #jackfruit #hotorcolddessert #asiandessert. Follow me here or check out my blog for a series called Summer Traveling in my Kitchen:

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