Summer Traveling in my Kitchen: Portugal

This Summer, with COVID-19 still present in our minds, my travel plans have been cancelled. In the last few days, I engaged in checking borders and travel requirements only to be disappointed by restrictions. I understand. Instead of dwelling on the have nots, I’ve decided to write about my love for cooking and eating- the epicenter of my life and Summer Traveling.

I’m calling this series “Summer Traveling in my Kitchen” because this is (and has been) the center of my life the past 3 months. Before the pandemic, I’ve already enjoyed cooking and experimenting on new recipes. I am successful in some and a failure in others. I have many recipes pinned on Pinterest, bookmarked on my laptop, saved on my Instagram account. These are recipes I want to try, have tried before and want to make again, or a recipe I have loved since growing up. Some of the recipes are from countries I have visited while others are yet to be crossed off from my bucket list.

For my first “Summer Traveling in my Kitchen” post, I thought I’d take you to Portugal- a place I’ve pegged to visit last Summer before deciding on Dubrovnik, Croatia. I did quite a bit of research on Lisbon and have mapped out my 3-4 day itinerary. In Lisbon, I was going to visit the lower town district of Baixa and Rossio then the eastern neighborhoods of Graca, Santa Cruz, and Alfama. I was going to ride the famous tram #28 that departs from Baixa to Graca. I’m pretty sure this list covers the beautiful city. While there I was going to try Portuguese grill – cooking meat on a hot stove. Yum.

For now, with coffee in hand from a local barista in Lisbon, pretend to travel with me on tram #28 while we search for a place that sells these dreamy doughnuts. These Portuguese doughnuts were so simple to make. They are airy, super light, soft, and not cakey. They are known also as “Sonhos”, which literally translates to “dreams”. Hence, their super light, airy quality. One author described these doughnuts as “similar to a cream puff without the cream inside”.

I rolled a bunch of these in sugar and a few in cinnamon sugar. I think I like the plain sugar the best. Although I’m not a fan of frying things, these little dreamy doughnuts were a hit for breakfast and snack. Pop one or two in your mouth and there goes your 4-5 mile walk that morning. So portable and pop-able! For recipe, check out my Instagram account (link below).

I hope you continue to join me as I do some “Summer Traveling in my Kitchen” this Summer.

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