Hello, Goodbye!

It feels strange but I’m going to say it anyway. In about a month and some days, my Summer break officially starts. If this were a normal circumstance, Summer will start. But we are not in the normal (not even close) so instead I will say hello to it and quickly bid it goodbye.

It is not clear how long we are going to be in this predicament, but I have somewhat accepted my fate when I canceled the last of my trips. For me, Summer is about traveling, relaxing, and catching up on projects. It’s about the adventure and the experiences. It’s about seeing friends, new places, new faces. It’s about reward for a hard earned 9 months and memories to be made. It’s about seeing the world.

I am no longer sad or angry or bitter because of these canceled trips. I am not the only one who have canceled trips and celebrations. Some have canceled bigger things like a wedding or a milestone anniversary. Some have looked forward to seeing each other for 30 years only to dissolve the plan. It’s sad but it is what life is right now.

Instead, I am finding things to be grateful for during this time. Because life goes on no matter how limiting it might be. After listening to this podcast last week, I started making a list of things I’ve learned – mostly work related because you gotta learn something from this experience or you haven’t lived life. I’m staying safe and staying sane.

That’s all I can do at this time.

Photo Credit:

Paweł Czerwiński, Unsplash

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