Ponderings about Summer 2020

Summer time for me means freedom as it opens a lot of opportunities for traveling, projects, reading, and catching up. I like to plan ahead and consider options for places I like to visit. I’m supposed to travel to Seoul end of June and anxiously awaiting a change in status from the CDC everyday or so. In addition to CDC, I check the travel.state.gov website as part of the routine I have developed lately. You could say I’m diligently watching these 2 sites cautiously knowing this is really beyond my control.

I’m thinking of alternate plans in lieu of Seoul, but also feel anxious (and cautious) of the what if’s. What if I change and the virus stops spreading? What if I change and my new destination suddenly becomes an affected area? So many unknowns that’s really affecting my Summer plans. If this is the case, I almost want to skip Summer and move right into Fall, hurry it up, skip Winter, and go right into Summer with a clean bill of health for the world. I wish it were that easy.

Some say the virus wouldn’t stop them from going and taking a vacation and while I embrace that same idea I don’t want to be detained or quarantined in a foreign country because of the virus and because I was stubborn enough not to heed the CDC or the US government warnings. This assigned Level 3 for Seoul is daunting. It warns people from going if it’s a non-essential travel. Mine is definitely non-essential.

My options are limitless yet the choice I will be making, should the CDC continue the Level 3 warning for Seoul, could also be impacted by the virus. I feel like I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. And I think I feel this way because I’ve got my heart set on Seoul. It’s hard to move on when you’ve got your heart set on something.

Are your travel plans affected by the virus? What are you doing about your travel plans?

The saying “Life is short, Travel” isn’t really true this time around because of the spread of corona virus. In fact, the world seems smaller and Summer seems even shorter with the virus in mind.

Back to the map. Of Europe. Of Asia. Of the World.

Photo Credit: Lucas Sankey, Unsplash

One thought on “Ponderings about Summer 2020

  1. I feel your pain. My plans to travel to Italy are hanging in the balance. This will be/would have been my first solo holiday since my husband left me last year, and I was so looking forward to it. I’ve set up email alerts to the FCO website so if anything changes I’ll know straight away. You’ll get to Seoul one day – just maybe not this time.

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