Happy Eating Around the World

When I travel the world near and far, I often look for foods inherent to that area. As much as possible, I go to local markets where the food is authentic and cheap. However, there are also caveats to that kind of adventure such as cleanliness and how the food is made or prepared. Here are the offerings from the countries I’ve visited over the last 5 years with the exception of Hawaii which was nearly 14 years ago.

Egyptian Foods

One of my favorite food was the Egyptian Pie drizzled with molasses:

In Iloilo City, Philippines this is one of my favorites “bihon” – noodle dish with crispy noodles on top. Carbs plus carbs.

I’m Siem Reap, Cambodia this lunch meal was tasty: egg rolls, rice, chicken curry, pickled vegetables:

In Hawaii, their famous roast pig served during a Luao:

This is a festive time for celebrating and with it comes good food. I love street food just as much as home cooked foods. When I’m at home I don’t really get a chance to eat out at restaurants so traveling to different places gives me the opportunity.

2019 was a good year but hoping for a better, healthier, and more new foods in 2020!

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