Stairways to Heaven

I have always thought that stairs are central to something as important as a house. I remember when the subject of Feng Shui became popular; it talked about how stairs should be designed facing slightly off the door. This way, any harmony or luck doesn’t leave out the door.

I don’t have any expertise to say that is true or not, but I have often thought of that important teaching and I made sure that when my house was built the stairs would be slightly off the front door.

When I travel, I am often fascinated by stairs and steps just like doors. I see these not only as a “thing to see” but also as a fitness challenge. In my recent travel, I climbed so many stairs in Dubrovnik, Croatia that I mentally surrendered to my own fascination about stairs. Perhaps, climbing and descending too many at one trip isn’t a good thing. But, in Dubrovnik, it was necessary.

Let me take you up and down the steps and stairs of the world from my eyes.

In Hong Kong, to see the large Buddha:

In China, the Great Wall cannot he escaped:

In Paris, I climbed up until the first platform area of the Eiffel Tower (at the time, I don’t think visitors were allowed beyond it):

In the Philippines, stairs crisscross to ease the very congested traffic below:

In Siem Reap, Cambodia a set of stairs I was not permitted to climb (good thing because it looks steep) but greatly admired:

In Rome, Italy (Vatican City), there was a set of narrow elevators to take (okay, the machine took me up the stairs):

In Bangkok, Thailand gold is everywhere including the rails:

In Egypt (Dashur), the Red Pyramid takes you so many steps before reaching the steps to go inside the pyramid:

In Dubrovnik, Croatia you see these narrow and sometimes steep stairs:

In Cairo, Egypt the Hanging Church offers a not so challenging set of stairs:

In Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina the famous Bazaar offer slippery steps where you can find lots of goods:

In Quebec, Canada these stairs led to shops and restaurant.

I’m sure I’ve seen other steps and stairs in other places though it’s possible I didn’t have the fascination for them then as I do now. There is something mysterious about some stairs and I often wonder what it took to build it and its purpose.

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