Framework Of The World From My Eyes

I am captivated and fascinated by doors and sometimes windows. I don’t exactly know when this fascination came about, but one day while traveling I started to pause to take pictures of doors. Some are hinged uniquely to the door frame while others are securely bolted.

When I look at doors, I imagine the people living behind them and wonder if they feel secure like I am behind the door to my house. I wonder how old the door is, if they built it, and why it looks the way it does. It seems an ordinary thing to be moved by, but in my eyes they are more than just an opening to whatever was beyond it.

Come with me as I take you to the doors of the world – from when I could remember being fascinated by them.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Hong Kong

Iloilo City, Philippines

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Quebec City, Canada

Cairo, Egypt

Madrid, Spain

Venice, Italy

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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