Day 4: Boat ride, Exploring Old Town without an agenda

After a healthy but high caloric breakfast in Old Town, I head over to the Old Port to board a pirate ship for a 50 minute ride around the City Walls and Lokrum Island. This boat provides no commentary but it is abundant with quiet and absolutely stunning views of the Adriatic.

After the boat ride, I visited the Ethnographic Museum (part of your Dubrovnik pass), which showcases lifestyle from the 10th-12th century. I suggest visiting this museum to get a glimpse of the past.

Walk along Puca street and browse the shops selling jewelry from Croatia (kanavle); these are beautiful pieces, particularly the one with coral. You can buy souvenirs on this street or really anywhere in Old Town. All are beautiful and some pieces are uniquely perfect to give as gifts.

There is a part of Old Town that was considered a place where Jews lived and I walked along this street but I didn’t pay the fee to see the museum which shows Jewish ritual items. I did visit the Jewish Synagogue:

And, if you want to know how many days till Christmas, Mr. Clause has the number handy. This is the only Christmas shop in Old Town that is open year round.

Lunch was pork dumplings at Fat Cats- the name was catchy and the place was swanky.

I’m ready to leave Dubrovnik. I’ve climbed so many steps with and without my luggage and I’m exhausted but satisfied. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, and the sights are priceless.

As I’m carrying my luggage up the steps to the cable car station I think about how grateful I am for this trip. I wait for the airport shuttle in the hot sun while people watching. The ride to the airport was a sleepy one but the 25 minute ride was all I needed to rest.

Here are my tips for visiting Dubrovnik and Mostar:

1. Wear comfortable walking shoes. The streets on Stradun are slippery because it’s made of limestone and the part of the Bazaar in Mostar is made of cobblestone. Both surfaces are not easy to walk on but with good shoes you can do it without much trouble.

2. You will be doing a lot of stair climbing in Old Town so endurance is important.

3. Ask for smaller bills when exchanging your money. Many merchants will ask you to pay with smaller bills.

4. If you’re coming in the Summer time wear a hat.

5. Your tip is not included in the bill so plan to tip in cash.

6. If you’re planning to take a bus tour to Mostar, prepare for a LONG bus trip. Be patient.

7. If staying in Old Town, prepare to hike your luggage up and down the steps, even in the building where you might be staying (my room was on the fourth floor).

8. Buy a Dubrovnik pass. It’s worth it.

9. Watch the sunset either on Mt. Srd (cable car), in Cavtat, or on a boat.

10. Dubrovnik airport only gives you 15 minutes of free WiFi (sigh, I know), so use it well.

Summer is almost over but let me bid adieu to it right now.

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