Day 3: Kravice Falls and Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina

I started my day early around 6:50a arriving on time for the bus trip to Mostar. As I walk along the Stradun, I appreciated the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of this very busy place. The vans and trucks are here to deliver goods and to take away trash and unwanted items from the previous day.

As with any organized bus tour, it spends time picking up passengers from different stations and hotels before you actually are “on your way”. From Dubrovnik, we went through 3 border crossings: Bosnia, Croatia, Bosnia with the 3rd crossing yielding the longest wait.

The first stop of this tour is Kravice Falls in Bosnia. This place is like an amusement park and in my book, it is worth visiting to see this natural gift. You can spend a day here or just a stop for a dip in the very cold water. I walked around and took some pictures then had a cup of hazelnut ice cream. In Bosnia, they accept their own currency (Convertible Mark), Kuna, or Euro. This sweet delicious treat for 1 Euro really hit the spot.

From Kravice Falls, we drove to Mostar. Here we spent about 3.5 hours with a 45 minute guided tour then time on your own. I split away from the group and did my own tour. I passed through the Bazaar but had an initial challenging time walking on stones. Beautiful but hard to walk on. Be sure to have comfortable shoes when coming to Mostar.

Like any bazaar, you can haggle or admire beautiful copper knick knacks, buy scarves or souvenirs, fake bags or purses, eat, drink Bosnian coffee. Take care of your belongings because the place is crowded and probably a magnet for pickpockets.

As you meander through the Bazaar, you will come to the Old Bridge. The view of the water from here was breathtaking- and no picture can do justice, in my opinion. If your timing is right, you can see young daredevils jump off the bridge straight into the water. These daredevils will collect money to dive/jump so feel free to give and watch the madness.

I wanted to eat Bosnian food and I’m led to this cafeteria style eatery. The food is local, authentic, and inexpensive (50kn).

On your walk around Mostar (not a big place), take time to look at the buildings and notice the spray of bullets or shelling evidence of the war that happened here in 1991.

If you have time, spend time at the Memorial museum dedicated to those who died in the war. I didn’t have time to visit this museum, but instead visited the Muslim cemetery located at a park.

From the cemetery, I visited the Turkish house (16kn).

Then, tried Bosnian coffee from Cafe de Alma. I was fascinated by the whole process of making coffee.

Off to the bus for the return trip to Dubrovnik. This was a very long trip even when we detoured due to the long wait at the 3 border crossings (similar to this morning).

In Old Town, I visited the Dubrovnik Defenders Museum, which is free if you go after hours. Here you will see pictures of the town during the war and photos of people who died in the war.

I spent time enjoying the Stradun while people watching with a glass of Muskat before sweetening my night with cheese burek from a bakery on Stradun.

Tomorrow, a short boat trip and discovering more of Old Town for my last day in Dubrovnik.

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