Day 1: Dubrovnik’s Old Town, Stradun, Cable Car and Mt. Srd

Arriving in Dubrovnik is easy. It’s like going back in time but with some glimpses of the present. After you deplane, you go through immigration then retrieve your bags before you head out to choose your transportation to Old Town or wherever. I chose to take the Airport Shuttle because it’s economical but less cumbersome than a bus. You will need to buy a ticket at the counter (located to your right as you exit baggage claim) for 80 kunas (kn) round trip. The trip on this airport shuttle bus took about 30 minutes and the first stop is Pile Gate.

As you enter the gate, whether it is Pile or Ploce, you will be welcomed by a giant wooden gate. The streets are made of stone and has a very medieval feel. The city walls surrounds Old Town and Stradun, the main promenade boasts restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Old Town has lots of steps including uphill and downhill walking. I’d recommend wearing very comfortable shoes as you walk around. Pay attention to the windows, buildings, and people walking about this fascinating place. In Old Town, you will see fountains such as this to get water, wash hands, or simply to cool off from the heat.

As you walk, enjoy a scoop of ice cream for 14kn or grab a bag of candy from Captain Candy.

Inside the Dubrovnik Cathedral, you will see this beautiful altar and organ (not pictured).

And this other church called St. Blaise is equally beautiful.

The pharmacy is a popular place for tourists to visit. There is an actual pharmacy/shop where you can buy oils or lotions. Your Dubrovnik pass will get you in here free.

The Rectors Palace is included in your Dubrovnik pass, so don’t miss it.

Here’s a picture of a missile shot from the war in 1991.

After a long walk, I had some local food called cevapcici – minced grilled meat with fries and their special sauce, which reminded me of pimento spread. In Croatia, they will serve you bread at each meal. Dip your bread in olive oil and/or vinegar.

I’m off to the cable car station and to get there, simply follow the signs. Walk up many steps, if coming from Old Town, until you reach the ticket office. Round trip is 170kn. Here’s a view from the cable car.

At the top, famously known as Mt. Srd, you’ll see the cross.

Hang around or have a meal and wait for the sunset.

Beautiful and heavenly. Tomorrow, City Walls, Lokrum Island, and maybe Cavtat.

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