The pearl of my eye

I’m thoroughly enjoying this book “Girl At War” – a story of courage, survival, and family in the before, during, and after the war. I honestly couldn’t tell you that I remembered this war in the 90’s. I was old enough to remember the years prior and after, but somehow this particular war escaped me. In reading this historical fiction, I am reminded that sometimes, time stops in some part of the world to experience unwanted chaos. Chaos before peace. As I delve into the book, I am also reminded that traveling makes us human as we reach a surface, if not deep, understanding as we mesh into others’ lives.

Croatia was on my mind awhile back but it never made it on my bucket list. There was no particular reason for it, nor does my list have a requirement for a place to make it there. I see a place or hear about it and I write it down. It’s a simple, unregulated list.

I’m beyond excited to see Dubrovnik and to have another try at Turkish coffee, eat the pastries, walk the city walls, dip my toes in the blue Adriatic water, imagine myself at the top of the world as I take in the view from the cable car, visit the cemetery and pay respects to those who died in the civil war, experience the people and their religions, learn the language, breathe their air, and be one with them.

See you soon, Croatia.

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