Gratitude in Traveling

Not every city or country I have traveled to captures my heart and soul. Before I leave the place, I re-assess whether or not I’ll come back to the place or not. Occasionally, I might say I’ll come back to it as a stopping or transit point to another place in that country. However, I felt different about Cairo. It is such an incredible city with magnificent history that I am finding myself thinking about going back. I’d like to visit Alexandria and Luxor and see all there is to see.

While transiting between airports, I’m came across this article ( about why it’s important to travel. I realize some of of us may not have the financial ability to travel but I truly think that even leaving your home to go to another city or state in that country is a good start. I really think it gets you out of your comfort zone and witness how other people live.

When I think of the many times I’ve said to a friend or family member that I’m going here or there, I am immediately asked if it’s safe to go. There’s so much discussion about safety both in our country and outside. I am a firm believer that I am no more safe here than I am in another country.

Another point of discussion that often runs the same thread is traveling solo, which I enjoy doing. I do think of my own safety when I’m traveling solo but I am even more hyper vigilant about my planning and the environment I’ll be in during that time.

Solo or group traveling is a good way to experience life, particularly other people’s lives. It gives me a sense of gratitude for what I have and don’t have. It humbles me while learning and seeing others live. I don’t compare. I become one of them for a short time. I become human.

Tell me why you think traveling is important. What are you grateful about when you travel?

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