Joys of Travel Planning.

As I’m beginning to think of Summer in the real sense, I am admiring the different posts on my news feed of others already somewhere. I often engage in mentally planning where to visit in my head. In the dead of Winter, this seems to be a frequent occurrence than Summer when most of the travel plans happen. I like to research places to go, things to do, foods to eat, and if a visa is needed. I write all these down and when the time comes to see the place, I refine my research and adjust my plans.

A friend of mine engaged me in a question about where to travel and how I travel. My friend also asked what sort of things I like to do when I visit a new city or country. To answer the first question, I have a bucket list but don’t stick to it like butter on bread. I like to think of it as a guide. I told my friend I like to go solo travel because it’s the coolest thing to experience and I don’t have to yield to someone’s schedule. I talked about doing research on what the general people like to do and see and I adjust my own interests based on that. I believe travel is such a personal journey, almost like finding a really good best friend. You can’t just decide to travel with someone without knowing their likes or dislikes as this could make or break your own vacation.

I love this article about traveling and looking at it as a mental journey, an escape from the busy-ness and mundane routines of life.

If you want some inspiring ideas, check out this article I read from Travelzoo on 10 trips you don’t want to miss in your lifetime.

I wish you safe travels near and far this Summer.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

One thought on “Joys of Travel Planning.

  1. I so wish I could travel this summer, but I have to catch up with college registrations. Sigh. Nonetheless, this was lovely and I will be sure to check the link out! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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