Mindfulness and Purpose in Quebec: Day 2 – afternoon activities

The tour left promptly at 12:30 and our driver, Alain, was friendly, professional, and proficient in both French and English. The itinerary called for travel to Island of Orleans, a stop at the Island Chocolate Factory, stop at Montmorency Falls, a visit to the Albert Gilles copper museum, and lastly a stop at the world famous Ste. Anne de Beaupre Basilica.

The drive to the Island Chocolate Factory was seamless. I witnessed the icy rivers of the St. Lawrence River, listened to how Quebec was founded, and how places were named. The place is rich in history and I was drowning with eagerness to learn more. During this tour, Alain pointed out little chapels in neighborhoods, wineries, living styles, house styles, roof styles, and more history.

After a special treat, we drove to the Falls but I didn’t ride the cable car ($12 with coupon) because I was on a budget. But just outside the information building, you can appreciate the vastness of the Falls. Perhaps, a closer look would’ve yielded a different experience. Because we were there for over an hour, I spent time walking around and enjoying the sun.

The stop to the copper place was not thrilling for me but I admired the art and patience that is required for such creativity. From here, we went to Ste. Anne de Beaupre snd though we weren’t in a hurry, we had to be done taking pictures because of a scheduled 4:00pm mass (Palm Sunday). I visited the basement of the church, which is called a chapel. The Basilica is exquisite and beautiful. We drove along the Beaupre Coast though I don’t know how long and where it began or ended. On the return trip, traveled on the oldest road in North America (Kong’s Way).

Houses with colored roofs, French style houses, present Quebec style houses with porches, were all seen but no picture could’ve done justice to the beauty that’s attached. Plus, with the bus moving, I couldn’t have absorbed the visual imagery and take pictures. This is such a conflicting chore for me when I travel. I have to make a conscious choice to snap a picture or use my eyes to visually take in the beauty and file each precious image in my brain.

It was a tiring day but the day isn’t done and it was still warm and beautiful. I returned to Rue St. Jean and took one last stroll. I meandered to a street that led me to more shops and restaurants but I couldn’t tell you what street. They all seem to be connected. I decided a salad was in order so I enjoyed this delicious Asian salad from Paillard.

Ah, Quebec. I really enjoyed my time here and was sad to leave, but life must go on. I’m thinking about my next adventure around this time next year or two: maybe it is Iceland or Costa Rica.

In the meantime, I’m thinking of Summer thoughts and a travels.


I know you have a choice of hotel but my stay at Hotel Marie Rollet on Rue Sainte-Anne was close to everything. The hotel is an old residence so there are no elevators. My room was small but adequate and my bathroom was outside and I didn’t find it inconvenient at all. Check them out.

I was able to call Uber from my hotel using their WiFi, but I had to let the driver know I didn’t have data to take calls. The fare was $33CAD so it wasn’t that far off from the taxi rate.

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