Quebec and Spring Thoughts

three person outside house
Photo by O-seop Sim on

I’m planning a short weekend trip to Quebec in April to celebrate myself and to seek peace and quiet.  The St. Augustine Monastery has the kind of environment I am seeking, but their rates are a mismatch to my budget at this time.  But, I’m curious to see the place and to spend some intentional quiet time within its confines.

I have carved an itinerary that is exciting and very touristy.  I am beyond excited to see the St. Lawrence River while I meander through the Chateau Frontenac.  I would want to see the Citadelle and the Parliament and spend time walking up and down Upper Town.  When I’m tired, I learned to rest my feet and people watch at Place d’Armes while, perhaps, enjoying some sweet treats somewhere on Rue Saint-Jean.  I’m very excited, as you can see, to re-live the streets and ambience of my beloved Paris.  For a day or so, I want to think I AM in Paris while inhaling the beauty around me.

As I build excitement for Quebec, Spring usually leads to Summer vacation plans and dreams.  Although they are mostly dreams, I allow myself to spend a great deal of my solitary moments there. The arches of my dreams are high and thrilling: Johannesburg, Egypt, Iceland, Machu Pichu, even the Taj Majal.

Spring time is abundant for thoughts like these because what is life without dreams? I can be whomever I want in my dreams and whether or not they’ll come true is really up to me.

Tell me your dreams of places near and far.

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