So, I have been on an intentional hiatus since leaving South Lake Tahoe. It’s not personal. It’s life that got busy and busier. I dipped into a new blog about local restaurants and making simple food recipes at home and I’m enjoying the projects. But, I miss the world!

Over the Christmas holiday, I contemplated, planned, and almost executed a trip to one of these two places: Quebec and Costa Rica. I ruminated on Quebec for a little while looking at a few places but honing on Monastere des Augustines. It’s a wellness center housed in a historical complex within the walled city. I considered the dipping temperatures and the possible delays that only bad weather can offer and it fatigued me to no end. So, I never made it.

The other destination was Costa Rica and the Amatierra Retreat in Turrubares. I considered going here but also thought of staying in San Jose and finding yoga places to unwind and simple things to do that I usually find meditative – like walking around a local, fresh market. I contacted Amatierra and found the response from their customer service very prompt and courteous. The packages they were offering at the time, however, was not fitting my budget. But, I want to try this place sometime. It looks and sounds heavenly. Similar to Quebec, I considered the possible delays and gave myself plenty of chances to decide but never found the urge. Ah, the factors of traveling in the Winter time.

I left both dreams alone.

I hibernated.

I renewed my passport.

Now, I’m ready to go and collect memories and experiences.

As Spring time approaches, I’m once again feeling this cabin fever and considering the same places. I added Prague and Budapest to the mix, but I don’t think I’ll make it there this year. I am thinking of Quebec again and hope that Spring will give me a chance to be at peace there, to open my mind (or close it for the time I’m there), and to experience quiet. The world can be too noisy for me.

*Photo Courtesy: Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

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