South Lake Tahoe

This is South Lake Tahoe. The last time I was here was in the mid 90’s. I remember the place – it’s one of those places that sticks to your mind no matter how long it’s been.



Simply Beautiful.

I spent 4 days in this angelic piece of California with friends. It was the ideal place to fulfill everyone’s desire from hiking, kayaking, people watching, or simply driving around admiring the vastness of Tahoe.

Driving from Reno airport to Tahoe, however, is no joke. It is not even for the faint of heart. While it wasn’t notorious driving, you needed a focused mind with less distraction as you maneuver your way along cliffs and curvy roads. Highway 580 offered magnificent views but keep your eye on that hypnotic 2-lane road! While nighttime driving is worst than day time driving, it was nonetheless worth the trek!

While one should not be wrapped up on the invisible border between Nevada and California, the house we rented was in Stateline, NV (about 1 hour away from Reno). It accommodated 20 people and it was clean, comfortable, and fabulous ( It had everything and a bit more of what we needed.

For late July, the daytime temp was in the high 80s and it cools down a bit at night, about mid 40’s – perfect sleeping weather!In Tahoe, we kayak’d at Nevada Beach and hiked a little bit of Eagle Falls Trailhead. We took lots of pictures for keepsake while some cradled the memories in their minds only. Tahoe has plenty of restaurants and while we didn’t stroll along Heavenly Village or where the casinos were, I felt I’ve seen the same or similar flare with other small towns such as this. We had dinner at Rojo’s Tavern – rented a private space in the basement of the establishment; the food was great, the karaoke was way too much fun, and the party was ours alone.

Summer is ending. Tahoe was my last hurrah until the next one!

PS, packing tips will be next!

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