I’m going through jet lag from a trip to Sydney, Australia. It was a humbling and unforgettable trip and one that will likely be repeated though not particularly the sights or itinerary. As I traversed through several airports to and from I felt grateful that I have the right mindset when traveling.

Although I travel only once a year to a far place, I practice minimalism throughout the year. This careful practice has benefited me in so many ways, including global travel. I typically hand carry my luggage and I only take what I will use and can carry. If you adopt this motto, you will be a far better traveler than someone who has more than 1 luggage plus a (huge) carry-on going to the same place for approximately the same amount of time.

In my carry-on, which is usually a backpack, I have all the “essential” cords I need: phone, iPad, Apple Watch/Fitbit; a converter if needed; a ziplock bag of toiletries in travel size; cotton squares; wipes; scarf; sweater/long sleeve shirt; headphones; mints/candy; meds; hand sanitizer; a book; pens; travel plans; passport. I bring a separate wallet to hold my cash and I only bring 1 credit card (Capital One – because they’ve been truthful about not charging any international fees). Don’t forget a few snacks such as granola bar, nuts/trail mix, or something crunchy.

I love these cubes for traveling because it “essentially” separates clothes such as socks/underwear from shirts. In this last trip, I had about 4-5 of these cubes in various sizes and it kept my brain from being jostled around. I put together outfits in 1 cube, which was a super helpful idea.

I also carry a cosmetic bag that holds my make-up, sunglasses (unless I know I’ll be using it right away then it goes in my backpack), and other, but important, items (hairbrush, thin loofah). Don’t forget your simple yet functional flat iron. In my luggage, I also pack a small/medium size messenger/crossbody bag for day trips and/or for a night out.

With regard to shoes, it really depends where you are headed. For this last trip, I wore tennis shoes and packed boots because those are 2 things I will be using (and it goes with the outfits I packed). Shoes are one of those things that will break your packing (hence, break your back) because they are bulky and often (lesson learned) I pack and trot them across the world but don’t use them. So, be mindful of what you need.

As a thriving minimalist, I usually go for comfort and less on stylish clothes. I feel that simple clothes can be made stylish without sacrificing comfort or warmth, if that’s needed.

Minimalism is difficult to attain but highly contagious once you get the hang of it. It is such a waste of energy to drag too many things across gates and terminals.

Additionally, one benefit of frequent traveling is being able to reach status and/or having the ability to pay to get into airline clubs (their discretion) provided you have the airline’s frequent flier membership. So, if that opportunity is available spend your layover time there- it is quiet, comfortable, and you can enjoy a simple snack with a drink without being bombarded by incessant (but important) announcements. Kudos to Delta SkyClub for all the amenities!

*photo courtesy: Amazon, google images

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