Thoughts From Down Under

What is the purpose of mistakes when you can’t learn from them? I would think it is useless and creates unnecessary burden. Before I arrived in Sydney, I had already committed one of the gravest mistakes in traveling: forgetting to check the travel requirements. It is a lesson learned and one that will NOT be repeated. (Read Sydney Lessons In Parts if you want to read about this mistake).

This grave mistake has many parts: the part that took away a day of my trip; the part that caused so much anxiety; and, the part that brought a sleepless night. In retrospect, these different but related parts made me humble and grateful. I sighed with relief and gratefulness because I’m now able to share Sydney as a whole. The sum of my mistakes brought the whole of Sydney for me.

However, as with any adventure, the time has come to press that “start” button on life. It was extremely nice to have a pause on life but it’s now time to gear up for the return trip: back to reality, to the mundane, to the routines. But, I am that person who thrives on routines and some predictability so I am okay with leaving all these behind. But let me first tell you how I feel about Sydney.

I love Sydney! I didn’t have any expectations about the place since my heart was set on going to South Africa. This is also another part that caused the mishap of Sydney. I did quite a bit of homework for South Africa, which included researching the required travel documents. I felt super pumped about visiting Nelson Mandela’s apartheid museum and excited to go on a safari. I felt I knew a bit more about South Africa that I completely ignored (and assumed that I knew everything about) Australia even after the ticket was purchased.

I want to leave but not erase my mistakes because I will come back to it a few more times- to remind myself that I am not perfect. In a few years, I hope to cross off the 6th continent in my bucket list. In the meantime, I’ll think of Sydney and dream of another place to visit. I’d like to see this place again and maybe visit another city in this magnificent country.

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