Emerald Coast

This is Destin, FL where the sand is fine as sugar and white like flour and the water is green and clear. I’m spending a week here enjoying the life of a beach bum or chillaxin by the pool. 

The family has decided to try out a week of togetherness in this place.  The house has 6 bedrooms, 3 floors, and a private pool, in a gated subdivision with private access to the beach.  Despite the 14 people in this party, we don’t feel claustrophobic or out of space. I am a personal space advocate so having this space is a great advantage. 

The week’s weather has been sprinkled with threats of thunderstorm, sometimes for hours at a time when you look at the weather app.   However, since arriving Saturday, the rain has been spotty and only a half a day did it really rain with thunderstorm and lightning.  Like nomads, we packed our belongings and slowly walk back to the house, like defeated soldiers in battle.  Aside from little sprinkles of rain, the weather would sometimes be cloudy or windy but still yielded a good time by the water. 

My mornings have been quiet and calm. I would sit by the window with a hot cup of coffee reading a book or resting my sore leg muscles from running 3-4 miles. I’ve ran 3 times since arriving and each run has been challenging with the heaviness or mugginess of the air.  Still, you can’t beat running next to the ocean. 

The sunsets have been a gorgeous gift at the end of the day when your body is exhausted from dodging the waves or your skin ached from the wrath of the sun.  Walking along the water gave me plenty of time to think and breathe. The sound of the ocean waves silenced the loudness around me.  I enjoyed watching the waves rush and crash.  It’s the most calming picture despite its strength and unyielding ferocity.

So, as I’m closing the chapter of this vacation, I am reminded what I once said to someone about living by the water or retiring in a place near the ocean.  I still think I’d like to do that but Destin isn’t the place. While it has a beautiful beach and albeit beautiful sunrises and sunsets, it is still filled with tourists. So, for now, I’m going to say I’ve been to Destin but unlikely going to return. 

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