Why I Travel?

Well, there’s many reasons. The world is my oasis and I like to indulge in the experience. I don’t like to spend money on material things such as expensive clothes or accessories. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like to look at clothes and I will purchase it if it’s needed or reasonably priced.  However, what gets me going is traveling and the experience that comes with it. Each Summer, I travel to a destination that is most likely new, although some are repeated for specific reasons.  My career allows me to have extended weeks of free time during the Summer, which gives me the chance to “plan ahead”.  I have a bucket list of places I want to visit, whether it is with a group of friends or going solo. But, I’ll get to that in another post.

According to the app “been”, which I maintain with yearly dedication, I have seen 6% of the world: 7% of Europe, 14% of Asia, 14% of South America, and 5% of North America.

A few weeks ago, at a family gathering, I was engaged in this conversation with another person who also loves to travel. I mentioned Bangkok and Cambodia – both places I’ve visited 2 years ago.  I could see and feel my face light up at the conversation as he and I shared airport information, sights to see, and foods to try.

It was during this conversation that I revealed my fascination about airports, but only the really nice, big, modern ones. Like the one in Bangkok.  Or, the one in Singapore.  If I were to be honest, I am an airport snob. I dislike the grunginess and old feel of the LAX airport; it lacks the “Hollywood” and “California” flare. I think the airports in MSP and ATL are big, spacious, and breathable. I can see myself curiously walking about if I were stuck or delayed without a choice (I hope this never happens!).  I remember the doom and gloom airport of Miami – it had no pizzaz until you leave the sliding doors to venture the city.

So, why do I travel? Well, the thrill of it all is what I look forward to. I don’t shy away from solo traveling either. In college, I saved up extra money to go to Seattle, Arizona, and Washington, D.C.  I think solo traveling yields insurmountable experience like no other. It allows for space in your mind and body and you become dependent on yourself.  I read this blog about a Filipina who travel solo – something uncommon in her culture, particularly for a woman. I contacted her after reading a few of her posts, and she kindly responded with positivity and energy. It’s intoxicating to hear and read stories about solo traveling or just traveling in general (read more about her here: https://www.solitarywanderer.com).

So, why do you travel?


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