It will have been a year this July if I don’t get this done today! My trip to Miami, Florida in the sun-drenched month of July was HOT.  The end of July was incredibly taxing on the body with the heat, the thirst, and more heat even in the early hours of the morning.  Luckily, I spent 4 days with the most amazing group of people chillaxin’  every minute of the day and we quenched each others’ thirst with laughter and memories. 

Let me begin with where we stayed, which I found on VRBO (on Michigan Avenue) It was an excellent choice for our group of 12 and it was a 5-10 minute walk to the beach and stores like Whole Foods (side note: luxuriously expensive). The apartment was spacious and we also rented the other 1 bedroom, which was separate from the other 3 bedroom unit (this worked out great for our other friend who brought her little one).

Miami is vibrant at night (and even during the day). There is a sense of color and energy that brings light to the crowd. Sure, it was crowded but in Miami you people watch while you do other things like eat or drink.  The restaurants were abundant and your palate was never without food.  Clubs were also in rows on Ocean Drive as well as the show of cars and skin.

During the day, the streets are kind of grossly quiet but still without people mulling around on bikes, roller skates, or on foot.  The beach area was a popular venue for morning activities; people seemed to want to look fit so in every corner, you’d see someone pumping iron, doing ridiculous push-ups, lifting tires, and running (which, I did!).

Getting around was not a problem with Uber present everywhere. Just order up a car and you will be whisked away to your destination.  Some of the highlights of this 4-day rendezvous was a gastronomic dinner at Matador Room, a tour to the Everglades with lunch in Little Havana via Miami Tour Company  (better reception and response rate for similar tour than Viator), karaoke at Sing-Sing, and of course, the beach!

Would I go back to Miami again? That’s always a question I ask myself when I come to a place such as Miami. I’ve already been here once before this trip, so, probably not after this one. Miami is a place full of thrills mixed with history from many different cultures. It’s a place for the young and club and party goers. It’s vibrant, exciting, and full of life. Check it out if you haven’t been.

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