Beach-Time in Hilton Head, SC


Travel dates: June 13-June 18

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The thing about the beach is that it is all about YOU.  It is between you and the sun. The water invades your soul. The sand gets in the crevices of your spirit. It is both a sensory and spiritual experience.

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I’ve made many trips to the beach as a child and adult but not enough to appreciate its beauty each time.  Your senses are in full motion: your ears hear the sound of the waves, the sun touches your skin, you see the people and animals around you, you inhale the smell of the ocean, and you taste the saltiness of the water and the sweetness of life.

If you don’t mind the heat too much, Hilton Head offers an abundant opportunity to experience nature by walking, running, biking, or simply sitting with a cup of coffee or a cold drink.  But, take your favorite hat and sunblock with you as there were days when the heat was relentless. Each morning, I’d awake and decide to run or walk following a familiar pathway, which always led to the beach.  I’d spend about 30 minutes walking/running on the beach but made frequent stops to admire the beauty God has created.  It’s like each step I took yielded a different portrait of the beach.

While I didn’t explore the restaurants in Hilton Head, there were vast selections of around the area to satisfy your cravings.  Markets were adequately located around the island for purchasing groceries, if you are renting a house or staying at a hotel/apartment/condo.

This rental house found on VRBO was an excellent choice:  I can’t say enough good things about the house, its location, and the amenities.

Edit as of 6/8/17: The link to this beautiful, spacious house doesn’t work.




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